Asbestos in Roofing Material and Other Building Materials

Although this might not be a huge problem today its always better to be informed than not!

Asbestos was used in roofing commodities from the 1920′ s through the early 80′ s. Its usage was so widespread that we now know asbestos-containing fabrics( produces classified as containing at least 1% asbestos) can be found in practically 80% of arrangements constructed prior to 1981. Some roofing commodities, like asbestos cement roofing, have a life expectancy of 30-50 years so it is likely that asbestos mishaps still exist with roof formations that are in place today.
Asbestos was a popular ingredient of many structure substances because it was found to be extremely versatile and resistant to heat assign. Because roofing needs to provide insulation and must be resistant to fervor, asbestos was often added to roofing products to act this purpose.
Asbestos was also unusually durable, obligating it model as a reinforcement component in glues, mortars, and finishing cements. It is also resistant to corrosion and weathering and was used to protect against temperature extremes in roofing information. In most cases, asbestos only comprised 30% or less of a rendered roofing product or other complex and was chiefly lent as a reinforcement material.
While asbestos was found in many different types of roofing products such as roofing shingles, asphalt wheel roofing, cement roofing and roofing sense, it could also be found in other build products such as tube spread, various insulation substances, drywall, siding, and even foot cement compounds.