When to hire roof repair expert

Roof repair is inevitable for every home owner. Normally, a roof lasts for up to 25 years and so before you move into a new home, one of the things you need to inspect is the roof. An expert will always charge a small fee, but it is better to hire one than do it yourself and overlook issues that might force you to replace the roof.
Different types of roofs have different problems, with the cheapest being the most prone to damage. Strong wind, frequent rains and storms can all have a very damaging effect on your roof and the elements thereof. Some damages such as missing shingles, leaking ceiling, fungus build up or valleys can easily be detected and fixed by a non-expert, but it is always good to hire a professional to have a thorough inspection especially after storms.

Roofs often leak around the flashing, chimney, flashing or the slits between shingles. DIY solutions for clogged gutters, cracked vent booting, skylight leaks and ice dams are cheaper but can be costly if you do not understand how to fix it. However, if a leak is persistent, you need to call an expert. In North Carolina, it is possible to install double layers of roofs. This might give your house extra protection against leaks and other forms of damage. It also cuts the cost of repairs.

Most contractors charge per 100 square feet. but repair costs depend on the type of roof, extent of damage, roof pitch among other factors.

Generally, metal, slate and tile roofs are a little bit expensive but are more durable than the other roofing materials. Flat roofs tend to hold rain water hence causing leaks, and repairing them is also cheaper than a steeper pitch.
Most leaks originate from the installations on the roof, and this can also cause the price to shoot. For instance, corrosive pipes under the roof could be the cause of a leak, and this will definitely call for the services of a plumber. Fixing a problem with the chimney or skylights also need a different professional, and this is often charged separately.

As a precaution, homeowners are encouraged to regularly inspect their roofs so they can detect damages early enough. Cleaning the roof regularly will also ensure that no debris collects between shingles and hence save your roof from preventable leaks. It is also advisable to hire an expert to inspect the roof after every 20 years. Delaying roof repairs can force you to install a completely new roof.

You are likely to get a roofing professional down the street, but you need to take precaution before hiring one. Ensure that they have a clean track record. Most of them are online and thus you can always read reviews from past clients. Most importantly, ensure that your roofer is licensed and conversant with your city laws.

In conclusion, roof repair can be costly and so it is important to conduct regular checks to ensure that no damage is done on your roof. After long rains or harsh weather, have your roof checked so you can mitigate damage and keep repair costs under control.