What to ask your roof leak repair contractor before hiring

A leaking roof can be disastrous; especially during the wet seasons. It is, therefore, important that you get an experienced contractor who will give you value for your money. The following questions will come in handy when choosing a contractor for a roof leak repair.

1. Are you licensed?

Most states make it mandatory for contractors to be licensed. In as much as the license conditions may vary from state to state, it’s important for a qualified contractor to have one. Before signing any agreement, make sure to check on that. It will make it easier to handle any issues that may occur relating to the services offered.

2. Are you insured?

Insurance protects you from incurring any liabilities that may occur in the case of any accidents during the roof leak repair. Contractors are supposed to arm themselves with a liability insurance and workman’s compensation. Make sure to check on that and even go an extra mile of asking them for proof. In certain cases your homeowners’ insurance may not be viable to cover for these accidents, forcing you to be responsible for the medical bills and any other associated costs. Insurance also ensures that you are not liable for any damages caused to your roof or home by the contractor.

3. Who are your references

Never underestimate the influence of references. You cam be able to judge a roof leak repair contractor from what his past clients have to say about his work. Always insist on asking for at least 3 contacts. Online reviews and enquiring from close friends and family members are also advisable.

4. What are your physical address and full company name?

You will feel more comfortable working with a contractor whose company has a physical location and accurate address. This makes it easier for future follow-ups.

5. Do you offer any warranties?

A new roof should have two different guarantees. The contractor should offer one covering his work and the roofing supplier should also give one covering the materials used. Ideally, the warranty is supposed to last for 25 years but it won’t cost a thing confirming this before signing the contract.

6. Is there a contract involved?

Before making any cash commitments with the contractor, make sure to ask for a contract. It should be a written contract and not just a verbal agreement. Make him draft one that will clearly outline the work supposed to be done, the cost estimate and warranty. This will protect you from miscommunications and unwarranted surprises once the job is complete.

7. Will you use subcontractors?

It is normal for contractors to subcontract others to carry out part of the task. Make sure to ask your contractor if this is going to happen. If so, ensure that you get to meet the subcontractors and ask them the same questions you asked the main contractors.

A roof leak repair is not something you get to do every day. It is important that when you do it, you hire nothing but the best. Hiring just any contractor may end up costing you a lot of money and great inconveniences.